The History And The Growth Of Your Favorite Beverage

While they have been invented for the purpose of quenching the thirst of a particular individual, beverages are known for their fact that they play a major role in the lives of humans. With the advancements made in the food and drink industry, there are a number of popular drinks currently in the market, ranging from different flavors of juice, soft drinks, coffee and also a large variety of alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic drinks have been around for more than eight thousand one hundred years and have always been part and parcel of the traditions and cultures of various civilizations and countries.

One drink that has steadfastly remained the most popular and favorite drink is tea. With a long and intricate history that dates back to more than a thousand years, the first documented use of tea was in ancient china for the purpose of a medicinal drink. This information was penned during the third century. Portuguese merchants who traveled to china for the purpose of business were one of the first people from the Western world to experience the drink and via them, it was gradually introduced to their native countries. The tea frenzy sparked off in the Great Britain a little in to the seventeenth century. Due to the great reach of the British Empire, they were able to easily obtain tea from countries under their control like India and Sri Lanka. From such humble origins, the tea industry is a major business right now. Nowadays the industry has even moved online with varieties of tea such as green tea pouches and loose leaf tea online.

A common legend about the origin of tea says that the Emperor of China was drinking water off a bowl when the leaves off a neighboring tree were blown in to the bowl due to the effects of the wind. The Emperor noticed that these leaves had changed the color of the water. Intrigued by this development, the emperor had some of the water and found it to have a pleasant and pleasing flavor. Another variation of the myth says that the Emperor was fond of trying out the effects of herbs and yams on his own self and while in the process of it, he discovered that the tea leaves made for an excellent antidote. Now people have discovered multiple variations of tea, ranging from green tea to fruit to satisfy the cravings of the tea crazed world. Tea is also known to have plenty of benefits to an individuals body; from reducing his stress levels to reducing the chances of a person having a heart attack or stroke.