August 2017

Celebrating The Dawn Of A New Era In Your Life

For most people, their impending thirtieth birthday is something that bothers them greatly because it feels like they are getting old and they tend to compare themselves to what they thought they would be which can lead to much stress, sadness and depression. However, if you look at this event as the dawn of a new era and the beginning of a new decade in your life as opposed to the end of an old decade, you will see that it is indeed something to celebrate.

Host a celebration

Turning thirty is a big milestone in your life and it is important that you celebrate the occasion. There is no doubt that you have worked very hard in the past few years and therefore, you deserve to celebrate yourself and your life. Most people feel as if they have not achieved much in their lives and this is what leads them to feel sad but if you really look at your life, you will see that you have indeed achieved quite a lot and that, although your achievements were not what you thought they would be, they are important and worth celebrating. Make a list of guests that you would like to have at your birthday party and start looking out for a nice but inexpensive 30th birthday party venues, for your party. Searching for a nice place that has a lot of floor area for dancing and has relatively inexpensive food and drinks because your guests will drink a lot and not eat much and therefore, it is unnecessary to spend a lot of money on the food.

If you are on a tight budget, you will find a few community function venues which have negligible costs and will let you bring your own food which is great. You can make some small finger food type things for the party or have someone that you know make them for you. For your birthday cake, choose your favourite cake store and buy the best cake there because keep in mind that it is your birthday and you deserve a treat. You potentially work very hard at your full time job without ever spending any money on yourself and you need to use this opportunity to buy yourself not only the best cake but also a lovely gift. Allocate some money to buy yourself a really good gift and it is important that you do this, even if you give up the idea of a birthday party for it.