June 2017

Last-minute Stress Free Date Ideas

Ideally, the perfect date is planned out using an ample amount of time. But more often than not, we’re not given said time to make it perfect, having to come up with an idea for a plan within hours if not minutes. Having a few ideas in mind for moments like this will definitely simplify life. Here are a few of our suggestions to add to your own list.

Share a meal in a “hole in a wall”While sharing a meal is hardly a “new” or innovative idea, it is in fact a tried and succeeded method; Mainly because food has a way of putting people at ease and making conversation flow better. But the expensive restaurants require that you book your table; something not so great for a last-minute date. Instead, consider taking your date to a cozy, hole in the wall kind of restaurant. Most family run burger restaurants Doncaster tend to offer food that is sometimes even better than the famous and posh places; so give it a try!
Step out of the known list

Everyone has a comfort zone. It may be that involves the hobbies they try, the food they eat, to even the clothes they wear. If you feel that you and/or your date don’t step out of your comfort zones enough, perhaps now is the time. If you’re only used to trying out food at top restaurants Adelaide, then giving the smaller, and lesser known places a try might feel a little strange. Instead, consider visiting the farmer’s market and look for vegetables/food neither of you have ever tried before. Learn to cook it together at home.

Bring on the competition

Not every date has to involved eating; and there’s not rule that tells you can’t try something else. A little healthy competition is always good; even among couples. Ignite the competition by taking your date to a paintball place or even your local arcade. If your local arcade has the classic games you’ve played as kids, not only will it be fun reawakening your skills, but you’ll also have a great time trading each other’s childhood stories.

Root through the thrift store

Have you ever envisioned your date in a style of clothes a little different from their own? Perhaps it may be a style you think they’d look brilliant in, but don’t know how to say so without offending or hurting their feelings. If you have, then consider taking your date to a thrift store and buy each other clothes. Set rules that include a time limit and a budget. Make the date more interesting by wearing each other’s chosen outfit for the rest of the day.